2004 New England 12 & Under Long Course Championships
July 22-25, 2004
Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Meet Information


Hosted by: Bay and Ocean State Squids

Thursday, July 22 - Sunday, July 25, 2004

Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Sanctioned by New England Swimming #NE-04-52/NE-04-52-TT



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Team work/timing assignments

Team work/timing assignments (Adobe PDF)
Warmup lane assignments
Warmup lane assignments (Adobe PDF)


Meet Director:                 Tim Murphy (617-495-2268, tdmurphy@fas.harvard.edu)

Meet Referee:                 Priscilla Davis (978-468-3786, PDSwim@netway.com)

Director of Operations:   Rick Osterberg (ne-12u@swimindex.com)

Entry Chairperson:          Tim Murphy (Swimming) (65 North Harvard Street, Boston MA 02163, 617-495-2268, tdmurphy@fas.harvard.edu)

Official Meet Web Site:  http://www.swimindex.com/meets/2004/ne-12u/



All events are timed finals.

Thursday, July 22, 2004:     11-12 800 Free: Warm-up @ 4:45pm, start @ 5:30pm

                                           400 Free Relay warm-up: 10 minutes, no earlier than 6:30pm


Friday, July 23, 2004:         12 & under session: Warm-up @ 9:30am, start @ 10:45am


Saturday, July 24, 2004:     12 & under session: Warm-up @ 9:30am, start @ 10:45am


Sunday, July 25, 2004:       11-12 1500 Free: Warm-up @ 9:30am, start @ 10:15am

                                          12 & under session: 70-minute warm-up no earlier than 11:45am, start no earlier than 1:00pm


No one will be allowed in the building until 15 minutes before the start of warm-ups, except officials and those affiliated with the Bay and Ocean State Squids.


FACILITY: Blodgett Pool is an 8 lane, 50 meter facility with non-turbulent lane lines, a Daktronics Timing System and Scoreboard. There is a diving well area that will be available for warm-up and warm-down activities. The facility has ample seating.


ONLINE MEET COVERAGE: The meet will feature online heat sheets, results, live scoreboard and webcam at: http://www.swimindex.com/meets/2004/ne-12u/


DIRECTIONS: From the Mass Pike, get off at the Cambridge/Allston exit. Take the Cambridge ramp. Just before crossing the bridge into Cambridge, turn left onto the Storrow Drive entrance ramp. Go straight through the next intersection and take the next exit, marked Harvard Square, Cambridge. At the light at the top of the ramp, turn left onto North Harvard Street. The pool is the first building on the right. The pool is bounded on the south by Harvard Stadium, on the east by No. Harvard Street, and on the north by Storrow Drive. Swimmers should be dropped off at the pool gate on No. Harvard Street.


PARKING: After dropping the swimmers at the gate on No. Harvard St., proceed down to the parking lot entrance, across the street, to the HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL PARKING LOT. There will be a parking fee. It is a 5-minute walk to the pool. This will be in effect for all four days of the meet. Only cars with parking passes will be allowed to park around the stadium. ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOWED. Street parking is limited, but allowed in available spaces. If these guidelines are not adhered to, we will be in jeopardy of losing the use of the Harvard pool for meets. PLEASE DO NOT PARK AROUND THE STADIUM.


ELIGIBILITY: All swimmers must be 2004 USA Swimming registered swimmers with New England Swimming. Swimmers may register with Mary Riddell, 20 Cleveland Rd., Needham, MA 02492. Age eligibility is determined by age of the swimmer on July 22, 2004. All coaches on the deck must be registered with USA Swimming and display their current coaches membership cards. All swimmers must be registered before the entry. Teams that enter unregistered swimmer will be subject to a fine of $100 per unregistered swimmer.


ENTRY FEES: Make payable to "The Mass Bay Marlins"

Individual Events: $3.50 electronic / $4.00 paper entry

Relays: $10.00 electronic / $10.50 paper entry

New England Swimming Surcharge: $1.00 per swimmer (separate check payable to: New England Swimming)





RELAYS: A team may enter relays according to the number of swimmers per sex and age group entered in individual events. All swimmers on these relays must be qualified swimmers who are entered in the meet in one or more individual events. A team that has only 1, 2, or 3 qualified swimmers per sex entered in individual events may add enough non-qualified swimmers to enter 1 relay per event. If a qualified swimmer is unable to swim and there is no other qualified swimmer available, the relay must be scratched. All relay swimmers must be officially entered in the meet. Only 2 relays per team, per event, may score points. Once all of the entries are received, the Meet Referee has a right to limit the number of relays based on the time line of the meet.


TIME TRIALS: Time trials will be available at the discretion of the meet referee and meet director, and if time allows after the sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All time trial swimmers must provide two timers for their swims. The cost of time trials is $5.00 per individual event and $10 per relay.


DISTANCE EVENTS: The 800M and 1500M Freestyles will be swum fastest to slowest, alternating heats of women and men. All distance swimmers must provide at least two timers with watches, and one counter for their swims.


VERIFICATION & RULES: Refer to the verification information provided by New England Swimming. The 2004 USA Swimming Rules and Regulations will govern except as otherwise stated herein and the decision of the referee will be final. Disabled swimmer forms are required by USA Swimming and are available from the New England Swimming Office. All swimmers participating in the meet without a USA Swimming registered coach shall report to the referee before warm-ups prior to each session.



Thursday events: All events on Thursday evening, including relays, will be a Positive Check-In, by 5:00pm in the pool control office.

Friday events: Scratch at the pool on Thursday evening before 6:00pm, or call on Thursday evening, between 5:00pm and 6:00pm: 617-495-5213. Scratches beforehand are strongly encouraged.

Saturday/Sunday events: Scratch deadline is 4:00pm the night before the event, in the control office, with the exception of the 1500 M Freestyle, which will be a positive check-in by 9:45am on Sunday.

NO EMAILED SCRATCHES WILL BE ACCEPTED after Wednesday, July 21, 2004. If you have scratches before then, please email them to Tim Murphy at tdmurphy@fas.harvard.edu.




AWARDS: In individual events, medals will be awarded for places 1-8, and ribbons for places 9-16. For relay events, medals will be awarded for places 1-3, and ribbons for places 4-6. These awards will be presented throughout the meet as time allows. The top eight high point winners in each age group for both girls and boys will be awarded a plaque. The 10 & Under and 11-12 high point award ceremonies will take place at the end of the Sunday afternoon session. Coaches are responsible for making sure their swimmer is present to receive their award. Heat winner prizes will be awarded.


SCORING: Top 24 places:

Individual: 32  29  28  27  26  25  24  23  20  18  17  16  15  14  13  12   9    7    6    5   4  3  2  1

Relay:       64  58  56  54  52  50  48  46  40  36  34  32  30  28  26  24  18  14  12  10  8  6  4  2


WORKER & TIMERS: All teams will be given timing/work assignments based on their number of entries. Teams that send back the sign up sheet for Officials with their entry will get credit for those positions. The timing assignments will be posted on the web page with ample time to get workers.


WARM-UPS: USA Swimming warm-up policies will be in effect for the whole meet. Unattached swimmers must report to the Meet Referee before each session. Diving will be prohibited during warm-ups except at the designated times. No diving will be allowed, at any time, in the diving well. Sprint lanes will be open at the end of the warm-up session. Teams will be assigned warm-up lanes for each session. Coaches must instruct their swimmers to obey the warm-up rules.


COACHES NOTES: All coaches should check in with the control office upon arrival to the pool. Coaches' packets will be available at the beginning of warm-ups at each session. Please turn in relay cards in a timely fashion.

There will be a coaches meeting on Friday at 10:30am. Please do NOT ask to change entry times or events after the entry deadline. There will be no deck entries. Coaches are responsible for making sure their swimmers know when to swim. There will not be a bullpen, but heat sheets will be posted throughout the pool deck. Lockers will not be available for use by coaches or swimmers. Please respect the locker room and facility.


VENDOR: Metro Swim Shop


CONCESSION: There will be a snack bar open at all sessions.


HOSPITALITY: Coaches and officials will be served a light lunch


PROGRAMS: $5.00 full meet program per age-group, $8.00 full meet program (both age groups), $2.00 heat sheets per session.


ADMISSION: $1.00 per session




MISCELLANEOUS: Harvard University and the Bay and Ocean State Squids assume no responsibility for lost or stolen property.  Pets of any kind and smoking is not permitted within the facility.


Burlington Marriott


Rooms reserved under New England Swimming 12 & Under Championship