2011 Boston Light Swim
August 13, 2011, 6:45am EDT
Boston Harbor, Boston MA

Updates from the Race

These updates were made from onboard the boat on our Real-Time Tracking page as the race progressed...

Tommy starts the Boston Light Swim on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 6:45am. Follow live: http://t.co/7LR2KWN
Testing the official Tommy Gainer Boston Light Swim Twitter feed!
En route to the dock. Hancock Tower says blue, buoy says 67 degree water (questionable, but good sign!). Set for a great day on the water!
5:27am: Pushing away from the dock
Heading out! http://t.co/uVj4eCY
6:05am: Near the light, boat water temperature shows 65.7.
6:30am: T-15 minutes to start. Water temp 65.8 degrees.
Sunrise at light http://t.co/Pj3RqE1
Matt McKay's boat http://t.co/Geu06v6
5 min warning!
And they're off!
Off and running! Sorry for delay. Bad reception and some anxiety about lots of boats and swimmers.
Matt McKay leading. BUMS relay right on his tail. Tommy and Paul stroke for stroke!
7:04am: Mile 1. Tommy is looking good.  Tommy and Paul Goudreau appear to be in 3rd right now.  Matt McKay 1st, BUMS relay 2nd.
Now approaching George's Island. Switching from Tommy's right to left side.
Go Tommy! http://t.co/nNSsi8m
Passing George's Island
Tommy passing George's Island http://t.co/skXqMkD
7:22am: Passing Mile 2. Looking good.
Paul's boat http://t.co/schiqxU
7:27am: 1st feeding. 65.9 degrees.
Tommy had a slightly faster pit stop than Paul.
Feeding http://t.co/pVZYB8f
Matt McKay is hauling, fully in the lead. BUMS relay in second. Pack of 6 in the vicinity of 3rd. Includes Tommy and Paul.
Tommy, Paul and Paul's boat http://t.co/flFjcAr
Coming up on Long Island. Just hit the 1 hour mark.
Matt McKay pulling ahead in first. He's flying! BUMS relay in second. 5 swimmer, including Tommy and Paul, in third.
Tommy and Paul coming up on Rainsford Island http://t.co/fbu0HGH
7:53am: Passing Mile 3 near Rainsford Island.  65.5 degrees.
Paul and a woman in a pink cap are pulling ahead of Tommy slightly. Tommy and another guy are pulling ahead of the fifth person.
Tommy swimming beside Rainsford http://t.co/3LBCa0o
Second feeding done. Tommy's in good spirits. Says "it feels great in here!"
Cutting across from Rainsford to Long Island bridge. Matt almost to bridge. BUMS relay behind. Woman in pink cap #14 in third. Paul in 4...
... guy Paul and Tommy know (Mike?) In fifth. Tommy 6. 4, 5 and 6 very close together!
While I was typing the rundown, we passed the Long Island water tower. (Tommy on wrong side of boat for photo) http://t.co/XXFNWcW
The armada behind. Guy with camo boat has swum Catalina Channel and English Channel, and Toomy's ahead of him! http://t.co/5pSOXAS
Tommy is catching pink cap!
8:16am: Mile 4. Half way!  65.3 degrees.
Paul heading for bridge http://t.co/bDE1dur
Matt McKay is well past bridge. Can't see him now. BUMS relay just finished bridge.
Tommy with Long Island behind http://t.co/Kga2al6
Paul and Pink Cap approaching bridge http://t.co/hLkRLHj
"Jelly fever here" http://t.co/AEY9s9q
Tommy is is past mile 4 of the course.
Tommy approaching bridge http://t.co/kW9fozQ
Through the bridge! http://t.co/zKvDHWD
8:42am: Mile 5!
Tommy is at 5.25 miles and doing great! Says there are less jellies here. Paul just ahead. Pink Cap just ahead of Paul.
Feeding action shot! http://t.co/HVgSNlp
Camo boat coming closer to even with Tommy. Paul and Tommy's friend just behind Tommy.
Tommy and friend with Moon Head behind. http://t.co/6Nzio5d
Spoke too soon about the calm course. Ferry from Quincy is making its way through the field. Slow for high speed ferry but still wake!
Ferry has not yet reached Tommy.
Ferry passing a swimmer http://t.co/Ij3qSwp
Second ferry, this one headed out http://t.co/Y6dQRXQ
Tommy seems unphased by ferries and is steadily making his way to Thompson Island. Paul just ahead.
Paul's boat just ahead of us. Pink Cap just ahead of him. http://t.co/5mLDPmB
Paul stopped to feed and Tommy passed him!
Tommy and Paul abck together, Tommy ahead (passed Paul during feed) http://t.co/0rgNBxv
9:10am: Mile 6!  Final two miles!
Tommy stopped to feed, and Paul passed him, but they are still very close together.
Tommy passing Thompson Island http://t.co/12YUbs4
Heading toward L Street! http://t.co/QFok2X9
Thompson Island ferry cutting through course just ahead of Pink Cap. http://t.co/yHL4wgz
Paul and gas tank http://t.co/lARfRm0
Strong cross-tide (right-to-left) as we come across the final 2 miles
Tide is reaaallly strong today, pushing people off course. Tommy staying straight so far.
Tommy and Paul and gas tank http://t.co/4m59bzW
Pink Cap and Paul are both getting pushed south of straight line course. Tommy is closer to true line. BUMS relay getting close to finish.
Matt McKay should be done.
Tommy said his shoulders feel a little tired, but he looks really strong!
9:36am: Mile 7.  Still 65.1 degrees.  One mile to go!  The beach is in sight!
Still even with Paul, though about 100 yards apart now.  Catching Pink Cap, but she may be too far ahead.  Swimming strong!
Paul and Pink Cap are starting to smell the barn ... Tommy looks great, though.  Very steady.
2/3 mile to go!
1/2 mile to go!
10 min to go ( roughly)
Almost. There! http://t.co/elpDjLn
Scene coming toward finish. http://t.co/ooNeJ60
Paul creeping ahead, but hard to tell because his course isn't straight. http://t.co/GubXWwO
Pink Cap is about to finish.
Paul starting to pull away from his boat, starting" final descent" http://t.co/wkQMg5x
Paul is nearing the beach. Tommy is about 50 yards back.
Paul has finished.
Tommy has finished.
Tommy's time was about 3:11:30.
We are signing off from the harbor.  Thanks for following along!
Tommy finished right behind Paul! Finish photo on other camera for later upload. Jerome, Damion and Collin's relay right behind. Congrats!
Tommy nearing the end ... http://t.co/LxP2BQK
Some parting shots from another camera -- Paul finishing! http://t.co/tp6BQA6
Tommy running for finish! http://t.co/cdUyY97
Tommy getting lei-ed http://t.co/iz6ZAtP
Paul (left) and Tommy (right) at FINISH http://t.co/5AOULbl
That's all, folks!  Thanks for an awesome day on the water and in the boat!


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