2009 Speedo Champions Series: Eastern Zone Northern Sectional
March 12-15, 2009
Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Boston MA
Hosted by Bay and Ocean State Squids

Information for Officials

Meet Referee: Jamie Cahn (James.Cahn@micorp.com)
Administrative Referee: Tim Husson (thusson@comcast.net)

Important information for officials who are working this meet:

Application to Officiate and for Evaluation (Adobe PDF)
USA Swimming Officials Certification Page

If you want to work as an official at the meet: You must complete the Application to Officiate above. You do not need to complete the section about evaluation.
If you want to work as an official at the meet, and be evaluated for National Certification: You must complete both sections of the Application to Officiate and Evaluation above. Additionally, you should review the information about the National Officials Certification Program on the USA Swimming Officials Certification page.

This meet has been approved as a National Certification Qualifying Meet for all levels and positions under the National Officials Certification Program.  Any official interested in being evaluated should submit an Application to Officiate noting the request for evaluation.  Officials meetings will be held one hour prior to the start of each session (preliminaries and finals).  Attendance at the meeting is required to work the session.  Officials meetings will take place in the Hall of History, adjacent to the street level entrance to Blodgett Pool.

If you have any questions regarding the officiating at this meet, please contact the Meet Referee, Jamie Cahn.

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