2009 Men's Harvard-Yale-Princeton Double-Dual Meet
January 31 - February 1, 2009
Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Schedule of Events

Saturday, January 31, 2009
3:30pm Warmups begin for 1650 swimmers
4:40pm All but fastest heat of 1650 free (slow to fast)
5:00pm Warmups begin
5:50pm Pool cleared, begin introductions and national anthem
6:00pm Session #1 starts
  1. 200 free relay
  2. 1-meter diving begins (and runs concurrently with swimming)
  3. 200 freestyle
    5-10 minute break
  4. 100 backstroke
  5. 100 breaststroke
    5-10 minute break
  6. 200 butterfly
  7. 50 freestyle
    5-10 minute break
  8. 200 IM
  9. 1650 freestyle (fastest heat only)
    10 minute break
  10. 400 medley relay
Sunday, February 1, 2009
11:00am Pool open for warmup
11:50am Clear pool, national anthem, Harvard Senior Recognition
12:00pm Session #2 starts
  1. 200 medley relay
  2. 3-meter diving begins (and runs concurrently with swimming)
  3. 400 IM
    5-10 minute break
  4. 100 freestyle
  5. 200 backstroke
    5-10 minute break
  6. 100 butterfly
  7. 500 freestyle
    5-10 minute break
  8. 200 breaststroke
  9. 400 free relay
Swimming Competition Format
  • Lane assignments: Harvard 3-6, Yale 2-5, Princeton 4-7
  • All entries will be pre-entered, in two sets, with coaches allowed to make _minimal_ changes at the meet.
    • The fastest two heats (swum last) will be swum in assigned double-dual lanes, across 6 lanes. These entries do not require a time, but should be listed on the entry grid in heat/lane format, for example "H1/L5". Use "H1" for first (second-fastest) heat, and "H2" for the second (fastest) heat.
    • All other entries will be seeded according to seed time across all 8 lanes. List these entries on the entry grid using a seed time.
    • All divers must be listed on the entry grid with an "X" in the appropriate diving event column(s). Diving order will be determined at the meet.
  • For the 1650 freestyle, the fastest heat will be swum during the regular session. This will be the second of the two "assigned-lane" heats. The other heats, consisting of the time-seeded, and the first of the two "assigned-lane" heats, will swim starting at approximately 4:20pm on Saturday. (This time may be adjusted based on entries.) Note that since the 1650 freestyle is a single event, all changes/adjustments and exhibition declarations must be submitted at the beginning of the event.
  • For the relay events, competition will consist of two assigned-lane heats. Any additional relays (above four from a team) will be entered either in lanes 1 and 8 of the two assigned-lane heats, or in an additional third heat. Coaches should specify how many relays they will field in each relay event on the entry grid.
  • Coaches can make minimal changes to their entries at the beginning of each event. Please keep changes to an absolute minimum if possible. Time-seeded heats will not be re-seeded. Please remember that each change or modification contributes to slowing the pace of the meet.
  • Swimmers who do not appear in their assigned lanes for the time-seeded heats will be automatically scratched, and the event will not count towards the competitor's event limit for the meet.
  • Swimmers who do not appear in their assigned lanes for the assigned-lane heats will be disqualified, and the event will count towards the competitor's event limit for the meet.
  • In all events, all competitors and/or relays are eligible to score. Scoring will be standard dual meet scoring 9-4-3-2-1, 11-4-2), with no team scoring more than three individuals or two relays per event. The meet will be scored as three dual meets (H-Y, H-P, Y-P).
  • Competitors may compete in a maximum of 5 events, in any combination. Competitors may compete in any number of events as exhibition, which will not count towards this limit. Exhibition swimmers must be declared to the meet referee before the beginning of the event, at the same time that changes/modifications are submitted.
  • It is expected that coaches will enter their swimmers in the appropriate heat based on expected performance. It is expected that the second of the two assigned-lane heats be the fastest heat of competition.
  • All athletes will be assigned a numerical ID number, which will be distributed to coaches at the beginning of the meet, and posted on deck. All deck changes must include correct athlete ID numbers. Changes without ID numbers will be returned to the coach to be completed before the event begins.

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