Meet Management Services

Hosting a swim meet soon? Don't want to deal with the headache of running the meet? Hire a professional to do it for you! We have well over a decade of meet management experience, and are pushing the edge of technology for the online swim meet coverage. If you need help running a meet, up to the highest level of international competition, we have the services to fit your needs. We are also certified for Meet Automation Services by Hy-Tek, Ltd., the makers of Meet Manager. While our primary area of operation is metro-Boston and the New England area, arrangements can be made for meets taking place in other geographic locations.

Services that we offer include:

What about experience? When you contract with someone to run your swim meet, you want to find someone who has experience at competition of all sizes and all levels. Swim meets we have run or have been contracted to run in the future include:

What do you need to provide? A well-run swim meet depends on good people working at the meet. While we can provide solid background and experience at the meet operations level, in most cases we can only provide a single person to do so. Including and in addition to meet personnel, you will need to provide:

How much does this all cost? Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to provide a price list for swim meet management services. Every meet is different, and every meet has a different level of required services, and a different time commitment. Smaller single-day meets may cost hundreds of dollars while multi-day national-level meets may cost thousands of dollars for appropriate meet management services. In addition, if travel and overnight accomodations are required, that will be factored into the cost. If you are interested in meet management services, please contact us at for specific details.

In association with meet management services, we can also offer services such as timing system maintenance and cleaning and timing system or meet management software training. These services may be provided as part of a swim meet function or separately. Note that while it is possible to provide limited training on timing system and meet management software while a meet is in progress, depending on the size and level of the meet, it may be more adviseable to run a separate training session. is owned and operated by Rick Osterberg. Once a varsity swimmer at Harvard University, Rick has been running swim meets of all sizes since the Colorado Time Systems Series 4000 was released in 1989. Rick has been involved with swim meets of all sizes in the northeast, including virtually every meet at Harvard's Blodgett Pool since 1992. When not running swim meets, Rick works as a Database Applications Specialist with the FAS Computer Services Web Team at Harvard. In addition to individual meet web sites, Rick created the Harvard Swimming and Diving web page in 1994, including the world-famous index of swimming web pages. He continues to maintain those sites today. Rick also serves on the New England Swimming Technology and Web committee.

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